Sister and brother rescue cats separated by shelter cried for each other incessantly

Sibling cats separated at shelter and they cried for each other

This long-winded video demonstrates that shelters should keep close siblings together whenever appropriate. This is an example of separation anxiety not of a cat missing his human caretaker but of one cat missing another. Although the video is teased out … please continue reading

Introducing yourself to an unknown domestic cat in or outside the home

introducing yourself to a cat

Some thoughts on introducing yourself to an unknown domestic cat in or outside the home. Cat calls the shots I frequently meet domestic cats on the sidewalk (pavement) where I live. If I approach them I do so deferentially. As … please continue reading

The sensitive periods for domestic cats to become socialised to other cats

Abyssinian Kittens Playing

All the discussions we have about domestic cat socialisation concerns socialisation to humans. Little is known about the important time for kitten-to-kitten socialisation. I try and address the topic generally here. During the first two weeks kittens form an attachment … please continue reading