Hair bobbles (hair ties) are dangerous to cats as too often they like to ingest them

Nero and Lucy the vet who removed the hair ties. Eleven in all with an endoscope. Image: Westway Veterinary Group.

I’ve decided after a quick search on the Internet to declare to the world that hair bobbles are very dangerous objects from the domestic cat’s point of view. It’s a product which is very useful to humans but a product which is very dangerous to cats. A clash of two different worlds. This kind …

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Fabric eating and pedigree Oriental cats

Oriental shorthair kitten

It’s become quite well known that the family of Oriental cat breeds which includes the Siamese, Javanese and Oriental shorthair and longhair (and other breeds), are susceptible to developing eating non-nutritious substances, which is called pica, and in particular fabric. The big question is what causes it. And the small answer is that the …

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Fabric chewing in cats may be like thumb sucking in infants

Fabric chewing and eating in cats may be the equivalent of thumb sucking in infant humans. The process is soothing and may occur when the cat is stressed. Babies suck their thumbs to soothe themselves. Siamese, Burmese and the Oriental cat breeds are known to be susceptible to engaging in a particular form of …

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Serval with Pica

This is the story of a serval with a mental health problem called pica, which is made all the more strange because the story comes from the magazine of the Feline Conservation Federation (FCF). FCF is a group of wild cat species experts and the articles in the magazine are often quite technical and …

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