12 domestic cat tail-signals in an INFOGRAPHIC

Cat Tail

I hope this two pages of an infographic helps in understanding domestic cat tail body language/signalling. It can be quite subtle. There is one cat breed, a rare one, with a curled-over tail called the American Ringtail. This cat will struggle with one or two of these tail signalling positions! And, of course, the …

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Cute cat does perfect walking handstands like a gymnast?

Domestic cat performing walking handstand

In an extraordinary video from TikTok we see a cute domestic cat that looks purebred (Brit SH?) practicing walking handstands as if they were human gymnasts. It is amazing. He pulls himself up just like a gymnast. Is there a plausible and practical reason for this form of feline behaviour? I have seen it …

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Why do indoor cats spray?

Indoor cat spraying - clean up

The question is asking why indoor cats spray urine, which is done, as you probably know, to establish territory. Because this is the purpose of spraying urine (normally onto vertical surfaces) it occurs when cats feel that their territory is threatened by an ‘invading’ cat. How might this happen to an indoor cat? Some …

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If you have six cats there is an 80% chance of urine spraying

Multicat home increases the chances of spraying urine

Domestic cats spraying urine in the home is obviously highly unpleasant but is entirely normal behaviour for a domestic cat under certain circumstances. I was surprised to read some rather shocking statistics in Dr Bruce Fogle’s book Complete Cat Care. He correctly says that cats spray urine for two completely different reasons, (1) a …

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