Orange Tabby Cat Stars in Major New Film and Raises Profile of Domestic Cats

Ulysses, the ginger tabby cat who is a co-star of the new Coen brothers film about music is in fact three cats. I didn’t realise that but I do know that he is a key player in this acclaimed film, … please continue reading

Cats are not domesticated enough. Discuss

John Bradshaw “one of the world’s leading experts on animal behavior” says that whereas dogs have been bred over thousands of years to get along with their human companion, cats are still too wild. The cat is still a solitary … please continue reading

The Demanding and Noisy Cat

Does your cat make incessant, meowing demands for food or something else that you find irritating? Bengal cats have a demanding sort of meow that is similar to the Siamese meow. It is general accepted that Bengal cats can be … please continue reading