Snow leopard walked non-stop for 10 kilometers through 20-inch-deep snow

Snow leopard moving efficiently and silently through deep snow

This is a little story I’ve picked up in my travels which highlights the incredible stamina and persistence of the magnificent snow leopard. As you no doubt know they live at high elevations where there is often a lot of snow, sometimes deep. But deep snow does not seem to prevent them from travelling. …

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Interpreting the way your cat walks

Cat walking normally

A cat’s gait is one way of interpreting your cat’s mood, her health and mentality. What you can interpret is quite limited but it’s a diagnostic tool which may come in handy from time to time. You probably know, by the way, that domestic cats walk on their toes which means they are digitigrades. …

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Evidence that cats knock things over when they’re bored!

Evidence that cats knock things over because they are bored

The title hints at the argument is that cats are not careless when they knock stuff over because they are incredibly precise as to where they place their paws. Cats have a direct register gait. It means that their hind paw is placed in the exact same spot as their forepaw when walking. This …

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How Do Cats Walk?

Cat walking. Photo: Warren Photographic. The gait is a pacing gait.

Cats walk on their toes. They are digitigrades as are dogs. Cats ‘directly register’. This means that they place each hind paw almost directly into the print of the corresponding forepaw. This minimises visible tracks and noise apparently. The picture below by me, shows how our hands would operate if they were the forepaws …

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