Cat Behavior

Are long-haired cats more mild-mannered?

This is an interesting question because it suggests that there might be a link between the length of a domestic…

2 days ago

Picture of 232 animals injured by cats in 2019 that could not be saved by WildCare Animal Hospital

Here is a photograph by Jak Wonderly of 232 animals that were injured by cats during 2019 and which could…

4 days ago

A nursing mother’s nipples are labelled like school lockers for her kittens

The language I've used in the title comes from that wonderful writer, Desmond Morris. He is also a great animal…

1 week ago

Do cats trust their owners?

Yes and no is my answer. I don't think the answer is straightforward. Firstly, a cat has to be fully…

2 weeks ago

Domestic cats eat 80% of their prey in situ

ANALYSIS: Have you ever wondered if your cat eats prey outside of the home? A study carried out in South…

2 weeks ago

Why do cats bunt you?

An alternative and a further question on the same or similar topic might be, "Why do domestic cats head-butt each…

3 weeks ago

Cats use inertia to drink while dogs scoop up the liquid

Cats and dogs drink in very different ways. I don't want to sound biased but cats employ a far more…

3 weeks ago

Do cats yawn when they are tired?

You won't find much in the reference books or on the Internet about why domestic cats yawn but I think…

3 weeks ago

Domestic cat milk contains 8 times more protein and 3 times more fat than human milk

I can't really add much more than what I say in the title so this is going to be a…

3 weeks ago

7 reasons why your cat might be in the bath tub

I spell out seven reasons why your cat might be in the bath tub.

4 weeks ago