American Shorthair

American Shorthair Colors

The American Shorthair colors are specified under the breed standard. I'll quote from the CFA breed standard. There are 69…

6 years ago

American Shorthair Cat Quiz

This is a quiz on this very popular and well known cat breed. This is quite a tricky quiz but…

7 years ago

American Shorthair Photographic Portrait

An outstanding photographic portrait by Helmi Flick of the popular American Shorthair. It has a "portrait" quality, hence the title.…

7 years ago

Domestic Shorthaired Cat

The term 'domestic shorthaired cat' refers to all domesticated cats with short hair. Technically that includes all short haired purebred…

8 years ago

American Shorthair Cat

The American Shorthair was a farm moggie back at the time of the English settlers to America and throughout the…

8 years ago

American Shorthair Health Problems

There are no American Shorthair health problems. Yes. Nice isn't it? You can write about a number of cat breeds…

8 years ago


Cheeky little monkey! Domesticated feral cat. The family of my friend's boyfriend found some kittens in a paddock. They would…

8 years ago

American Shorthair Cat 2

This photo is copyright protected. The copyright belongs to Helmi Flick. Don't violate it, please.

8 years ago

American Shorthair Tabby Cats

Not all of these stunning cats are tabby cats. Silver Moon has, I believe a shaded silver coat. Apparently the…

8 years ago