Are American Wirehair cats hypoallergenic?

American Wirehair

I am sorry to say that the American Wirehair is not hypoallergenic. ‘Hypoallergenic’ in respect of cat breeds means a breed that has a reduced effect on people who are allergic to cats. There is nothing in the reference books or anecdotally which encourages me to say that they are. This is a pretty …

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11 facts about the American wirehair cat

American Wirehair.

The American Wirehair is very similar to the better-known American Shorthair except the Wirehair has a “steel wool” coat. In terms of overall body confirmation the American Wirehair looks similar to the American Shorthair but it does not have the pronounced square muzzle which is a distinguishing feature of the American Shorthair. Gloria Stephens …

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