Burmese and Birman cats have the longest life expectancy of purebred cats (2024)

Birman and Burmese are 2 purebred cats with longer than average lifespans due to a lower prevalence of HCM than in other breeds

Burmese and Birman cats have the longest life expectancy of purebred cat according to a recently published study conducted between 2019 and 2021 in the UK. The researchers don’t tell us specifically or in detail why they have the longest life expectancy of the purebred cats and even to the extent where their lifespan …

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Birman Cat ANGEL

“Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!” – Theophile Gautier – cat quotes. Do cats have souls? Of course, why shouldn’t they? They also have individual personalities. This is something that scientists have only recently understood. Scientists tend to reduce animals other than the human animal to automatons to …

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Cat Breeds: It’s a Mashup

In analysing the differences between the cat breeds using DNA testing, I am compelled to come to the conclusion that it’s all a mashup. Nothing is what it seems. Everything is blurred and grey without clean distinctions. The breeds, themselves, have a different and distinct appearance – they have to, to be a cat …

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Birman Health Problems

Birman health problems are listed on this page. This cat breed is generally healthy. Hind Legs In certain lines (breeding lines) “weak hind legs” may occur. Breathing Breathing through the mouth can occur because (a) lower and upper jaw not fitting together properly (poor occlusion) and (b) nasal obstruction (Small Animal Care and Management …

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