Picture of a cloned female British Longhair

Cloned British Longhair made in China

Here is a picture of a cloned, female British Longhair; made in China at Qingdao Agricultural University in Shandong last summer. The picture appears to be a screenshot from a video but I can’t find the video. I have improved it slightly. The cat has been named Ping’an (meaning ‘safety’). The appearance of this …

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Smoothie is a British Longhair cat who should make this breed more popular

Smoothie is an astonishingly beautiful cat. She is super cute and very feminine. We are told that she is a British Longhair Cat. The British Shorthair is a well-known cat breed but the same cannot be said about the British Longhair. The British Longhair is a very attractive cat breed. The breed is more …

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