Black Chausie Cat

Black Chausie Cat - Here are a series of photographs of a female Chausie cat called "Shekinah" from the Tammy…

9 months ago

Chausie 11

This is another photograph of Bushwah an F1 male Chausie. He lived with the Flicks. Helmi says this about the…

1 year ago

Chausie Personality

Most cat owners would probably find the Chausie personality difficult if the cat is between F1 and F3 (first and…

3 years ago

Chausie Cat Facts For Kids

This is a page on the Chausie cat breed. It is written for children and people who like to read…

6 years ago

Chausie Cat Breeders

Chausie Cat Breeders - F1 Chausie Wildkatz Bwana Bushwah. Photograph © Helmi Flick Introduction A short list of Chausie Cat…

8 years ago

Chausie 8

chausie-8 to pictures of cats chausie page chausie-8 to pictures of cats home page Chausie photograph -- copyright Helmi Flick

8 years ago

Chausie 9

This photograph demonstrates the jumping skills of the Chausie. She inherited these from the Jungle Cat, her wild ancestor. The…

8 years ago

Chausie 7

Picture is copyright Helmi Flick - please respect copyright.

8 years ago


Chausie - Photo of Keetah from the Willowind Cattery © Helmi Flick The photos below are thumbnails - click on…

8 years ago

Chausie 5

The Chausie has a coat that is ticked as seen in this photograph. Ticking is the different color bands on…

8 years ago