Dwarf cats 2023 – full discussion

Manchester a dwarf cat living in Moscow

Update February 2023: this page was first published in around 2007 as I recall. The situation regarding the dwarf cat breed is now more settled. The foundation cat breed for all dwarf cats is the Munchkin. Hybridisation of this cat breed with others has resulted in about a dozen dwarf cat breeds (scroll down …

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Kinkalow dwarf cat – full details

Munchkinlanes Kinkalow Louie

Introduction The Kinkalow dwarf cat is a deliberate out-cross (a hybrid) between the founding dwarf cat the Munchkin and an American Curl. An “out-crossing” is a form of breeding when unrelated cats parent the chosen offspring. This is in contrast to “line breeding” when cats that are related are bred. Origin The breed was …

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Are Munchkin Cats genetically modified?

Napoleon dwarf cat

Munchkin cats are not genetically modified in the conventional meaning of the term. A genetically modified organism (GMO) is an animal, plant, or microbe whose DNA has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. This does not apply to Munchkin cats. The shortened legs of the Munchkin cat are due to a naturally occurring genetic …

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Picture of the chest and forelegs of a Bambino cat

Picture of the forelegs of a Bambino cat, a dwarf hairless cat

This is a picture of the chest and forelegs of a Bambino cat and I find it interesting. You would be forgiven for believing that you were not looking at a cat at all but some strange creature from another planet. The anatomy has an abstract appearance. The Bambino is a hairless dwarf cat, …

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