Kurilian Bobtail (information verified by breeders)

Kurilian bobtail

Above: Photograph of TAIGA © Helmi Flick Introduction The Kurilian Bobtail (Kurilian, Curilsk Bobtailis, Kuril Bobtail) is a “natural” cat and a “mutated” cat. The breed is little-known in the West but is the 3rd most popular breed in Russia, where there are about 40 catteries – see three excellent Russian bred Kurilian Bobtail …

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Kurilian Bobtail “TAIGA”- photograph strictly ©copyright Helmi Flick A trapesium – the shape of this cat’s head in profile This is a short discussion about the appearance by reference to selected elements of the World Cat Federation (WCF) breed standard and Helmi’s fine illustration. This is in my words focusing on the elements that are the …

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Kurilian bobtail cat 2

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