Is there a new cat breed coming out next year?

Is there a new cat breed coming out next year? This is an actual question I have been asked by a cat lover. Though what true cat lover would think of a cat as a fashion item with a new style each year? Was she collecting new breeds like other people collect stamps? Admittedly I …

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My Beautiful Cat with an Immense Personality

By Suzy Hi….I have acquired a very beautiful and delightful-temperamented 8 year old female cat in October 2012 called TigerLily. She was probably pre-owned by two or more owners before me. She is an indoor cat with excellent house manners, who after nine months has managed to explore her new big garden but still …

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RagaMuffin Cat Facts For Kids

This is a page on the RagaMuffin cat written for children and people who like to read plain English. The RagaMuffin is quite a rare breed of cat. You normally write the name with a capital “M” in the middle. This cat was created because of an argument between cat breeders about 25 years …

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RagaMuffin Cat

Ragamuffin cat

Please respect the copyright of Helmi Flick, who is a professional photographer. Dreamer is a blue mackerel tabby and white cat. Introduction This cat’s history is fundamental to the reason for the existence of this breed of purebred cat. I have set out the history in a chart (an overview). This purebred cat is intricately …

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The RagaMuffin Cat and the Princess

by Michael & Laura (London UK and Everett, WA) Café Mocha Valencia – Photo copyright Helmi Flick I’d like to talk about the RagaMuffin cat and the Princess. They are both the same. You see, if you believe that life goes on after death but in a different form then this gloriously attractive RagaMuffin …

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