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Somali cat

16 facts about the Somali cat

Here are 16 facts about the one of the most attractive of all the purebred cats; the Somali. Intro: one of the great strengths, for me, in terms of their attractiveness is that they...

Somali cat breed

Glowing burnt sienna coat of the Somali cat

The CFA breed standard states: RUDDY: ground color burnt-sienna, ticked with various shades of darker brown or black; the extreme outer tip to be the darkest. Tail tipped with black. The underside and inside...

Long haired Abyssinians - the Somali cat

Swoon over these stunning Somali cats

You don’t have to like cat breeding or the cat breeds to appreciate the beauty of these cats. The Somali cat is certainly one of the best looking cat breeds. They are semi-longhaired Abyssinians...

The long-haired Abyssinian cat

The long-haired Abyssinian cat

The Somali cat makes a fabulous subject for a great cat photographer as can be seen on this page. This is a long-haired Abyssinian cat with the same character as the Abyssinian but with a strikingly beautiful, silky, fox-like coat and plumed tail.

Somali cat

Are Somali Cats Rare?

Somali Cats are not rare. However they are slightly more rare than the mainstream purebred cats. I have a page on how rare the cat breeds are and I rated this cat 6/10 where...

Somali cat in Denmark

Somali Cat in Denmark

This is a popular cat photograph by Finn Frode, a regular visitor and contributor to PoC. He hasn’t been around lately but I remember his love of cats. I am not up-to-date with his...

Somali Cat

Somali Cat

Click here to see visitors’ submissions Introduction The Somali is one of the most popular newer breeds7. I think that you’ll agree that this is a very handsome cat and one that looks a...

Is This Cat  A Somali?

Is This Cat A Somali?

by Stenia (Athens, Greece) Is this cat a Somali? Hello, I think that Somali cat’s are one of the most beautiful in the world. Unfortunately, Somali cats in Greece, where I live, it’s very...

Cert My Somali Cat

Cert My Somali Cat

by Pam Somali’s are sweet and beautiful. Cert died at 19 so they are long lived too. He was very healthy all his life and would walk on a leash. His arthritis got to...

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