Picture of ‘engorged hairless cat’ creeps out the Internet after going viral

This picture of a female Sphynx cat is causing a bit of a stir on the Internet because….take and look and see. I’ve decided that I cannot show the picture on this page because advertisers might not like it. Therefore, if you would like to see this strange photograph which I think is somewhat …

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Extraordinary face of a male hairless cat

Extraordinary face of a male hairless domestic cat

This is the extraordinary face of a male hairless cat. I have never seen a feline face like it. Although the hairless cats often look very strange. It’s the hairlessness combined with the selective breeding. The breeders try and make their cats look ever stranger to attract attention, and they succeed. This cat has …

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Are all domestic cats wrinkly like hairless cats but we just can’t see it?

Odd-eyed hairless cats

This is a interesting question. It is certainly peculiar that we are seeing many hairless cats with incredibly wrinkly skin particularly on the top of their heads. I’m not sure that there is a caste iron answer to the question as to why hairless cats have wrinkly skin. Certainly, cats with fur do not …

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