Picture of black Sphynx ‘alien’ kitten and false pink nails

Sphynx baby and long pink false nails

THIS IS AN OPINION ARTICLE. IT IS NEITHER RIGHT NOR WRONG: The power of human over animal is emphasised in this picture. The human is god and the cat is a possessed object. The two components of the photograph – the designer cat and the false pink nails – go together beautifully and sum …

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Tattooed Sphynx cat lept from car into the darkness to escape heavily tattooed owner

Demon and Kara Fight

This is a cat story from central Russian, specifically the village of Pervomaisky near Yekaterinburg. A man who goes by the name of ‘Kara Fight’ (real name Rustam Shafiev) is obsessed with tattoos. He’s tattooed all over his body. He acquired a hairless cat and decided to tattoo him. His cat, Demon, has tattoos …

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