York Chocolate cat (2022)

York Chocolate

Introduction (Jan 10, 2022): Please read everything that follows in the light of this introduction. The information is now of historical interest. As at 2022, we have to refer to the York Chocolate cat in the past tense because it appears to have entirely fizzled out as a cat breed and is no longer …

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Kiki – He found us and we took him in

By Maria This is the very first picture of Kiki relaxing on our deck. He’s around 6 months old, his paw was shaved in the emergency hospital. I found him a few days earlier in our front yard starving, sick and screaming for help. I was not sure I’d be able to keep him …

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Sammi De Cat

by Linda Gyarmaty (Weirton, WV USA) Our Beautiful York Chocolate Cat We are the proud parents of a beautiful York Chocolate. Someone had dropped off a little kitten that was more dead than alive. One day the neighbors saw her carried off by a Manx cat that had previously lost her own kittens. Rumor …

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by Olivia (Southern California) Calypso was born in a litter of kittens, they all looked exactly alike. Black, soft, nice and cute. We got the cat, and it wasn’t until after a week we saw it had brown, we assumed the father was just brown or something. It also wasn’t until 2 3/4 of …

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