Siberian cat is the most genetically diverse among the breeds while the Burmese and Singapura are the most inbred

Siberian (Nevsky Masquerade) boy: 'Feofan Nevskiy Modern'

I’m going to refer to a study of 2007 which contains a lot of useful information ( One of the conclusions which interests me and which might interest others is that the Siberian cat is the most genetically diverse cat breed according to these scientists. And at the opposite end of the spectrum, they …

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LaPerm Cat (comprehensive page)

LaPerm Cat

Above: LaPerm Cat “Red” photograph copyright © Helmi Flick The article is in several parts with links to the next part at the end of each section. Quick Guide Origin This is the “curly haired beauty” of the world of cats. There are long and shorthaired varities. The longhaired cats have semi-long hair. The …

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