Cat genetics white spotting

Strange bicolour cat

My book on cat genetics (Robinson’s) tells me that there are three kinds of white spotting. Actually, it includes the all-white cat within cats described as having white spotting but, in this article, I will describe the following three types, (a) piebald spotting (b) gloving and (c) brisket spots and lockets. The pure white …

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Why are black-and-white cats unpopular?

Tuxedo Cat or black-and-white cat

Black-and-white cats are more popular than black cats and less popular than grey cats. Therefore, their popularity is relative and it is incorrect to suggest that they are unpopular in an absolute sense. Cat lovers like black-and-white cats because they like cats in general. It is worth noting that we are only discussing one …

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Presidents Putin and Bush should avoid cat art!

The internet cat phenomenon has infiltrated the minds of the world’s leaders past and present so much so that they feel compelled to draw or paint them. First Russia’s President Putin drew “something” on a classroom white board while visiting a Kurgan region school. One of the pupils asked what is was! Frankly, that …

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Kays Hill Black and Whites Past and Present

These are the latest photos from Leanne, she says: ‘B/W……What does it mean to you?’ It means black and whites to Kays Hill and lots of them, so many that we need two posters this time. Second to completely black cats there seems to be a lot of black and whites in Rescue Shelters. …

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