How much is a male calico cat worth?

I am going to argue that a male calico cat may be worth upwards of £2000 (or US$2000). I will…

3 years ago

Are calico and tortoiseshell the same?

No, 'calico' is American terminology meaning a tortoiseshell-and-white domestic cat. This means a cat with some white fur mixed in…

4 years ago

Genetic Makeup of Calico Cat Fur May Help To Save Human Lives

The temperamental behavior of calico cats has been greatly maligned and misunderstood. These felines are thought to be feisty, stubborn,…

6 years ago

What breed is Grumpy Cat?

Grumpy Cat is not a breed of cat. She is a random bred cat, a "moggie". The record needs to…

7 years ago

Tortie Tomcats

By Sarah Hartwell (of Estimates of the frequency of tortoiseshell and calico tomcats range from 1-in-1000 to 1-in-many-thousands though…

7 years ago

What percentage of calico cats are male?

About 0.033% of calico cats are male, we are told. I am not sure how accurate this figure is. Represented…

7 years ago

Calico Cat on Colourful Bed

This is a nice photo by Julia Holleran of her cat Raja. See: Calico Cats.

7 years ago

My Beautiful Cat with an Immense Personality

By Suzy Hi....I have acquired a very beautiful and delightful-temperamented 8 year old female cat in October 2012 called TigerLily.…

7 years ago