How Siamese cats change their colours

Siamese cats should have vivid blue eyes as per the cat associations' breed standards

First a short introduction. Although the history of the Siamese cat in the West is somewhat vague, it would seem with some certainty that a certain Mrs Vyvyan of Dover, UK acquired some of the first Siamese cats in the West. Of course, they came from Siam (now Thailand) ostensibly from the King’s Palace …

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Why are Siamese kittens born white?

All-white Siamese kitten

The colourpoint (pointed) pattern of the Siamese cat is a form of albinism. It is called the ‘Siamese pattern’ but I think technically it is better described as the “Himalayan pattern” or “Himalayan albinism”. We see this in a number of different species of animals including rabbits and goats from the Himalayan region which …

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What is a Flame Point Himalayan cat?

Flame point Himmie

‘Flame point’ is an alternative name for red point while Himalayan is an alternative name for a long-haired Persian. A flame point Himalayan is a red pointed long-haired Persian cat as shown in the photographs below: Sometimes people shorten ‘Himalayan’ to ‘Himmie’. The term ‘flame’ is only used instead of red when it occurs …

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My cat was shaved for sterilization and the new fur is a different color. This explains why.

Shaved cat has different colored fur when shaved

On Twitter a cat owner uploaded a picture of her tabby cat with this caption: My cat got shaved for sterilization but new fur become different color XD. I have changed the wording a little but the photograph is interesting: So why is this? The first observation that I have is that the tail …

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What is a Lynx Point Siamese?

A lynx point Siamese cat has tabby markings within the usually pointing. The extremities of a Siamese cat are darker than the other areas. This is called ‘pointing’. The pointing colour varies and is nearly always a solid colour such as ‘seal’ (very dark brown) or ‘blue’ (a light bluish-grey). But with the lynx …

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Odd-eyed Siamese Cat – unique!

This is an odd-eyed Siamese cat. I don’t think I have seen one before… This is just another example of easy and relatively minor photoshopping. I am not saying it is good work. It only took me about 25 minutes. I cut out the yellow eye (not literally!) from a genuine odd-eyed cat (see …

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