Infographic on wild cat species in Africa, S. America and S.E. Asia

Clouded leopard is arboreal and can hang upside down like a monkey

This infographic lists the wild cat species on the African and South American continents and in Southeast Asia. Remarkably there are a similar number of species in each region. The weight ranges are also listed per species. All of them are endangered to varying degrees through human activities of various kinds. Conservation is the …

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Picture of super-rare ‘serpent cat’ is a hoax

Wild cat species hoax

Well, it is a brilliant bit of photo-editing but that’s all it is. There are some very clever photo-editors nowadays. This looks like a photo of one of the small wild cat species such as the leopard cat or even the rusty-spotted cat which has been extensively photo-edited in great detail to dramatically alter …

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Norwegian Forest Cat facts for kids

Norwegian Forest Cat

This page on the Norwegian Forest Cat for kids is simplified in language and content. It can be reused under a creative commons license. The beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the most popular cat breeds.  As the name suggests this sturdy cat comes from Norway. Some people call this breed a “Wegie” …

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All About Cats: 50 Cat Facts

Cat facts

by Alice (USA) Well, here are some awesome cat facts! Enjoy!! 1) The love of cats is known as Ailurophilia. 2) A cat takes 20 to 40 breaths a minute. 3) A cat’s urine gleams under black light. 4) Humans have 30 vertebrae less than cats. 5) Stroking a cat relieves stress. 6) A …

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Cat Info Titbits 2

Cat info

There are 100 unpublished draft articles in PoC archives. Some are years old. They remained unpublished for all kinds of reasons such as they were duplicated articles, incomplete, deemed uninteresting or perhaps inaccurate or too controversial and so on. Yet when I skim through a random selection of some of them they don’t look …

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Should Cats Drink Softened Water?

The short answer to the title question is no, a cat should not drink softened water. However, this is not a black and white situation and I am yet to find a definitive answer regarding cats. As for humans, in the UK, the British Water Code of Practice as referred to in the Water …

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