Attending a Cat Show can be a Fun and Educational Experience

Cat show judge and oriental SH

Last weekend my husband Marty and I were so excited about attending the first ever cat show held in Ormand Beach, Florida. I really love the Cat Fanciers’ Association’s (CFA) shows and one of the main reasons I truly prefer attending CFA sanctioned shows is that their registry does not allow declawed cats in …

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In cat and dog shows it is the people who need to be watched more

Dodgy people at cat and dog shows

Crufts is the world’s biggest dog show. There are 18,400 UK bred dogs at the show this year. There is the largest ever foreign contingent because the government relaxed quarantine laws in 2001. There are 2,987 overseas dogs. With this increased contingent comes increased competition and it is not the dogs who are competing …

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2nd International Cat Show of India

By Rudolph.A.Furtado (in Mumbai India) Saturday (27-9-2014): Following India’s first cat show in Bangalore on 23rd April 2013, Mumbai has hosted the country’s second. I live in Mumbai close to the air conditioned show venue (Stallion Banquets) and care for two purebred Persian cats but was unable to show them. My boy cat “Matata” is too wild (!) …

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Siamese Cat Breeder Mishandles His Cat

Are you as surprised as me at this photo from a 1952 cat show? Is it cat cruelty? It is close to it. The person carrying the cats would probably say that he does it all the time and nothing ever happens. He’d probably say his cats like it. It is still wrong. Is …

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USA: Texas Cat Show

Just a straightforward photograph of a cat show in Texas, USA. It is not a digital photograph. High speed color negative film was used in a old fashioned 35mm camera that I still have. A local laboratory in Dallas, Texas processed the film and then digitalized the negatives. The images are stored on disk. …

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