Is your cat a picky eater or do they have good alternative reasons?

Why do cats sometimes reject their food?

The so-called ‘picky domestic cat’ eater is a concern to many cat owners. But they will reject food for a good reason and here are 8 possibilities. These possibilities do not reflect the behaviour of a cat who is a picky eater. These are genuine alternative reasons. So, it should not be puzzling to …

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6 reasons for cat food rejection

Cat feeding

I can think of 6 reasons for cat food rejection or to put it another way your cat rejects the food you give him, and you believe that he is a finicky eater. And sometimes a pain in the rear end. And wasteful of the money that you plough into cat food which can …

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7 reasons why your cat sometimes rejects food

Feral kitten eating baby food to help socialise him

Sometimes people brand domestic cats who reject their food is finicky eaters. It may be true for some individual cats (sensitive stomach?) but I think, in general, it is unfair. Sometimes cats ask for food, or you think they are asking you for food, but when they go up to it, they sniff and …

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