Hybrid wet cat food suitable for humans AND cats

Hybrid human/cat food?

I am proposing that the pet food manufacturers consider creating a hybrid ‘wet’ food which is suitable for both humans and cats. My research indicates that it is technically feasible as both have the same nutritional requirement with, perhaps, one difference: Vitamin A. It appears that cats need more of this vitamin that humans …

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Revealed the 2 best wet cat foods in the US according to two AI bots

Fictional depiction of wet cat food

I decided to use two different AI computer systems to see if they cross-checked in responding to this question: What are the three best selling wet cat foods in the US? The two AI systems were Bing’s Copilot and Google’s Gemini. They both agreed that Sheba Perfect Portions and Fancy Feast Classic were the …

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Study required on the use of emulsifiers in cat food and effect on cat health

Cat food contains emulsifiers which may cause Type 2 diabetes

A study is required on the use of emulsifiers in cat food such as xanthan gum as a study concerning humans published in The Lancet found an association between emulsifiers in heavily processed human food and an increased risk of type II diabetes. Might there be a similar increased risk in domestic cats? The …

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Eureka! Vegan pet food saves planet Earth

Plant-based diet for dogs and cats would be transformative for the world

This is a remarkable study but one that was due to happen as it is now possible to make nutritionally complete and balanced vegan pet food both for dogs and cats. Yes, put aside the notion that cats have to eat processed, sterilized, diseased meat from livestock and road kill and think vegan diet. …

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Pet Food Uniform Regulatory Reform Act of 2024 (PURR Act) will result in even more tainted pet food

"PURR will result in even more tainted pet food, which means more sick and dead animals" - Nathan Winograd

Nathan Winograd – the voice of America’s displaced pets – says that the PURR Act will lead to more sick and dead animals as it will weaken oversight. He reports that there “have been 3,691 FDA pet product recalls,” and “the vast majority — 68% — were pet food related.” RELATED: How To Read …

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Indicators for a vitamin B6 dietary supplement in domestic cats

Vitamin B6 deficiency may be present in sick and/or elderly domestic cat according to a study.

Our study supports that vitamin B6 dietary supplementation may be indicated in junior to adult animals diagnosed with an infectious, chronic, or acute condition or healthy cats with body weight ranging from optimal to overweight. In older cats, even if healthy, underweight to optimal cats appear to be at risk of vitamin B6 deficiency. …

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