15 facts about ‘forever chemicals’ in dry pet food bags

Meow Mix bag contains PFAS

Here are 15 facts about ‘forever chemicals’ in pet food bags. The analysis comes from America by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) (ewg.com). ‘Forever chemicals are known as PFAS (pronounced ‘peefas’). PFAS stands for per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances if that helps you! They are ‘synthetic organofluorine chemical compounds that have multiple fluorine atoms attached to …

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Chudley cat owner warns other pet owners after her cat was shot with an air gun

Chudley is a small town located within the Teignbridge District Council area of Devon, England between Newton Abbot and Exeter. A cat owner is now warning other pet owners to keep their pets safe after her cat came home with a pellet from an air gun lodged in his nose. Jack is a seven-month-old …

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Triclosan (TCS): an example of how pet food manufacturers risk the health of our cats

TCS can harm cats

It is time for commercial pet food manufacturers to be more concerned about how their products can harm domestic cats. There are too many instances of sloppy manufacturing which hints at a poor attitude by the manufacturers towards pet health. Here is an innocuous example. You wouldn’t give it a second thought unless and …

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