Is it safe for a cat owner to eat their cat’s leftover human-grade food treat?

Cat lover

In my opinion it is 95+% safe to eat your cat’s leftover human-grade treats but you won’t find a conclusive answer to the question in the title on the Internet because there probably isn’t one. The reason why I ask the question is because about an hour ago I ate the remains of my …

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Owners of cats and dogs poisoned to death by commercially prepared foods should receive an automatic $10,000 payment in compensation

I award $10,000 for emotional distress on the loss of you cat

What you think about the idea in the title? Please share your thoughts. The figure of $10,000 comes from Nathan Winograd, the founder of the No Kill Advocacy Center. It’s in US dollars but it could be in UK pounds or any other currency. It is as at this date (April 2023). It will …

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Is your cat a picky eater or do they have good alternative reasons?

Why do cats sometimes reject their food?

The so-called ‘picky domestic cat’ eater is a concern to many cat owners. But they will reject food for a good reason and here are 8 possibilities. These possibilities do not reflect the behaviour of a cat who is a picky eater. These are genuine alternative reasons. So, it should not be puzzling to …

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Should domestic cats eat raw meat?

Canned mouse or vole would be ideal cat food

Introduction Raw meat properly handled, stored and prepared with correct supplements to ensure that it is balanced and complete is arguably the best cat food as cats are obligate carnivores as we all know but few people are in a position to successfully serve it up to their cats. There are strong arguments from …

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Bugs, larvae, and something horrible in Purina dog and cat food (infographic)

Bugs in Purina dog food and something horrible in cat food

My Twitter buddy, “Cassandra Wants Claws” retweeted some shocking images of Purina cat and dog food which I think needs to be mentioned on this website. The pictures are grisly, some might say horrific. This is dry dog food contaminated with live insects, larvae and other bugs. One picture shows what appears to be …

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Is there lead shot in pet food containing pheasant?

Lead shot is in pheasant shot in game shoots

My research tells me that there is a risk of minute particles of toxic lead shot being in some pet food, albeit rarely. And I’m referring to the UK and the US at the moment. It is a difficult subject but in the UK a Cambridge scientist has warned that children and pregnant women …

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