What are the symptoms of taurine deficiency in cats?

In a cat’s diet, meat is one normal source of taurine, an amino sulfonic acid. Other foods containing a good source of taurine includes raw chicken liver and roasted turkey (dark meat). In 1963, when the manufacture of pet cat food was less sophisticated, there was a spate of blindness in domestic cats which …

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How much protein do cats need?

Cat eats mouse

I have two different answers to the question in the title followed by some confusion and I am surprised. From the respected book Wild Cats of the World, I have the information that for a domestic cat to remain healthy its diet must contain 12% protein by weight for adult cats and 18% the …

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RSPCA warns cat owners they could be prosecuted for feeding their cat vegan food

Vegan cat food

The RSPCA in the UK say that if a cat owner feeds their cat commercially prepared vegan cat food they may be prosecuted under the Animal Welfare Act. But they are on a collision course with the big manufacturers because there is a well-known product on the market already called Benevo which is a …

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Processed food is bad for humans but we almost always feed cats processed food

Cat food ingredients

Chemically processed food with a large number of ingredients and which is high in carbohydrates is recognized as not being an ideal food for humans. I believe that, nowadays, the general consensus is that processed foods are a major contributor to obesity and illness in people. They certainly contribute to obesity. It’s very hard …

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