Will Demand for Species Appropriate Raw Diets Influence Traditional Pet Food Manufacturers?

There has been an increasing emphasis on the importance of feeding cats a well-balanced species appropriate diet. As a result, many kitty guardians have discovered the majority of the popular well-known brands of commercially prepared cat food are falling short of meeting their cats’ essential nutritional needs. In part these nutritional discrepancies are caused …

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Are cat owners responsible for poor quality cat food?

People who are decent cat caretakers realise that ordinary cat food isn’t that good. It is a well packaged poor quality product that is dressed up and flavored. It does not match the classic feline diet: the mouse. Far from it. By contrast, although wild cats have a stressed out and miserable life in cages …

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Cat Eats Feotus

A little story where cat and human behavior intersects. Both behaviors say something about the respective animal – felis silvestris catus and homo sapiens. A 20 year old medical student, Bedi, had been assigned to the night shift on the obstetrics ward in a Delhi hospital, the place where pregnant women give birth and …

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