Cat breeds that were created in the US (45 in all)

Different types of domestic cat. Forty-five breeds have been created in the US.

Here’s a list of cat breeds that were created in the US. Unsurprisingly, no other country comes close to the US in this respect. It is the world’s largest purebred cat market by quite a considerable distance. Why is America the leading country for the domestic cat and particularly the purebred cat? I’ll focus …

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Tight headband around Persian cat’s head while being groomed commercially

Persian cat wearing a headband while being groomed

Well, I am going to get on my high horse and criticised this video. Perhaps I am wasting my time criticising the video because I should be criticising the fact that we have a Persian cat at a commercial grooming parlour. Persian cats have been bred to have very long fur which the cat …

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Extremes of skull variation in cat breeds

Extremes of skull variation on cat breeds

There are extremes of skull variation in cat breeds because of a natural propensity in humans to go too far in this sort of project and because breed standards have to ensure that the breeds are sufficiently differentiated one from another. The slenderising of the Siamese is due to what the breeders believed was …

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America: tame wild cats exhibited at cat shows 1895-1903

Miss Frances Simpson

Miss Frances Simpson was one of three major personalities in the early years of the cat fancy in England. She wrote a book called The Book of the Cat which was published in 1903. In that book she refers to the first American cat show held in the Madison Square Garden, New York, on …

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