Are black cats haram?

Black cat in a mosque

The question in the title concerns Muslims and the word ‘haram’ means forbidden. The question, therefore, is asking whether a Muslim can be the owner and caregiver of a black cat as per the rules of the Quran. And the answer is yes, Muslims can own black cats and live with them because a …

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Can a cat invalidate one’s prayers in the Islamic faith?

Imam Mustafa Efe with a kitten inside his mosque: Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque, Istanbul

There are some strict rules for Muslims when praying. One of them concerns things happening in front of the worshipper when praying. The rules on this specific aspect of praying are nicely encapsulated on the Islam Question and Answer website (thank you). Remarkably there is a disconcerting distinction between a ‘woman, a donkey or …

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What type or breed of cat was Muezza, the cat of Prophet Mohammad?

Ancient tabby cat

People ask whether Muezza was a particular type or breed of cat. They are different questions but I can answer them both together. Muezza is a famous cat. I don’t know for sure whether the cat was female or male but I have seen her referred to as female so I will adopt that. …

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