Cat History

Ancient Silk Road spread the domestic cat to the Far East

The recent finding of a 1,000-year-old domestic cat skeleton in Kazakhstan confirms that the domestic cat travelled with traders from…

3 days ago

Humans should have domesticated an intelligent herbivore?

It seems incongruous that for thousands of years humans have shared their homes with fearsome predators. I am referring to…

5 days ago

Cats are ideal pets now with one flaw but what about the future?

Domestic cats are already adapting to modern human living but what about the long term future, the 22nd and 23rd…

2 months ago

Cats may have been first domesticated 14,500 years ago

A recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports has come to the conclusion that the domestication of the cat…

2 months ago

Picture of WW2 ship’s cat in a custom made hammock

This photo from WW2 of a ship's cat in a custom made hammock reminds me of the most famous cat…

2 months ago

Cat Organ

I'm not writing about the internal organs of the domestic cat. I'm referring to what is described as a musical…

2 months ago

How did the cat become domesticated?

For a long time, people believed that the first cat was domesticated in ancient Egypt about 3,500 years ago. There…

2 months ago

Why don’t cats drink much water?

Instinctively because of their evolution domestic cats don't drink much water which can impact their health and drinking habits. Domestic…

3 months ago

Where do polydactyl cats come from?

If you live in America it believed that polydactyl cats were brought to the country as ship's cats from England.…

3 months ago

What is a feline tantalus?

I have decided that there is no such thing as a feline tantalus.

3 months ago