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Classic picture of a cat hoarder gives female cat lovers a bad name

When I saw this photograph of a cat hoarding woman living in Waukegan, Illinois, USA, I thought that it was…

2 months ago

Cat hoarder and his 16 cats sue the local authority for compensation

Cherryville, Gaston County, North Carolina, USA - News/opinion story: Damon Fields has the behavioural symptoms of a cat hoarder. In…

8 months ago

Cat uninjured and safe after 2 hours 30 minutes of motorway driving in engine compartment

This lucky tortie-and-white survived a hair raising experience when she crawled into the engine compartment of a car in Birmingham…

9 months ago

Police worked tirelessly to find black cat with kidney disease stolen from PetSmart

A black cat, appropriately named Batman, was stolen from PetSmart, Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, USA. Batman had been placed in the store…

10 months ago

Steel City Alley Cats Coalition, Pueblo, Colorado unfairly accused of animal abuse?

In the online newspapers there is a recurring report about an estimated 50-100 cats being taken away from the Steel…

1 year ago

Just before Hurricane Dorian landlord evicts 75-year-old woman for having too many cats

Maria Cazanes (also said to be 'Casanas') has lived in her apartment in Miami Beach, Florida, for 28 years. She…

1 year ago

Two pit bulls in an animal shelter killed 29 cats in the same shelter

Two pit bull dogs were brought to the Dothan Animal Shelter in Alabama, USA last Wednesday. On Thursday when the…

1 year ago

“Make them little pricks pay for it.” No arrests made despite abuse being caught on video

WARNING by Michael: this is a distressing and shocking story of mindless cat cruelty for the amusement of a bunch…

1 year ago

Video: mayor defends Hamilton Township Animal Shelter after sackings and criminal charges

In a video, mayor defends Hamilton Township Animal Shelter after misconduct sackings and criminal charges

1 year ago

Animal Resource Center will no longer deal with cats

It's been reported on WHIOTV7 that the Montgomery Animal Resource Center will stop 'providing general shelter and care for cats'.…

1 year ago