Canadian company hopes to start ‘absurd’ commercial deep-sea mining in the Pacific

Ocean floor

OPINION: Humankind having done their damnedest to destroy the habitat of wildlife on the ground (mainly forests), is now planning to do the same thing on the ocean floor where there are wild species that we haven’t even discovered yet. Humankind is going to destroy that part of nature that we are yet to …

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World cheetah population is about 6% of what it was in 1900

Cheetah population today is about 6% of what it was in 1900

Anyone who writes about cats has an obligation to remind readers that the world population of the cheetah has declined catastrophically since the 1900s when there were an estimated 100,000 on the planet while today there are an estimated 6500. The population is severely fragmented and it is decreasing year-on-year. Nothing has changed. A …

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Scottish wildcats bred in captivity released into the wild in Scotland

Scottish wildcat

In an effort to stave off the possibility of extinction of the Scottish wildcat in the wild, a collaboration between the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, NatureScot, Forestry and Land Scotland and the Cairngorms National Park Authority under the umbrella of project “Saving Wildcats”, twenty-two wildcats were bred in captivity and the first group …

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India’s much vaunted Project Cheetah ill-conceived and being killed off by red tape

Project Cheetah

NEWS AND COMMENT: You may have heard about Project Cheetah. It is the relocation of, initially, 20 cheetahs from Namibia, Africa to the Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India. The cheetah was extirpated in that country by 1953 due to man’s mismanagement and cruel exploitation. The grand relocation plan envisaged there would be …

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Infographic on wild cat species in Africa, S. America and S.E. Asia

Clouded leopard is arboreal and can hang upside down like a monkey

This infographic lists the wild cat species on the African and South American continents and in Southeast Asia. Remarkably there are a similar number of species in each region. The weight ranges are also listed per species. All of them are endangered to varying degrees through human activities of various kinds. Conservation is the …

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Carole Baskin to close Big Cat Rescue (BCR) in Florida and sell the land

Carole Baskin

NEWS AND COMMENT – FLORIDA, USA: This is a cool development in the history of Big Cat Rescue (BCR) in Florida. It is the next logical stage in its history it seems to me. As Carole Baskin so brilliantly and successful campaigned for the Big Cat Safety Act (BCPSA) which prohibits unlicensed people from …

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Pallas’s cat is NOT endangered generally the experts say

Pallas's cat in Mongolia

People ask ‘Why are Pallas’s cats endangered?’ but they aren’t according to the people who are meant to know. It is a slightly surprising conclusion by the IUCN Red List people who’ve listed the Pallas’s cat as Least Concern. This is one step better than Near Threatened (see categories below). In other words, they …

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Ongoing grounding of cats in Walldorf for three months annually to protect endangered bird

Cat predation on crested lark curtailed by Walldorf's administrators

A German town, Walldorf, ordered residents to lock their cats indoors over the summer for the next three years or face a fine of €500. The move was designed to protect ground-nesting, endangered crested larks; particularly the hatchlings who are very vulnerable. Fines could rise as high as €50,000. Ornithologists were clearly delighted at …

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