Famous viral video of pianist and his cat is a FAKE

Fake - he is not making the music we hear

You might know this cat video. It shows a male pianist playing a nice piece of classical piano music. The cat is on his lap with their paws on the keyboard. The cat has a great relationship with the man which is very apparent. It went viral some time ago and has probably been …

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Tweet claims a group of Chinese guys are killing cats in food blenders (and microwaves?)

"Man killing cats For more information search for Kediyi Mikrodalga on Google."

This is the tweet using shorthand language: “Someone needs 2 do smt abt this, #CatBlender there will be a group of Chinese guys going live tomorrow and they’re planning on hurting and killing multiple cats in brutal ways, if there’s any way we could stop this please boost ‼️‼️ This is the video: This …

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The Scotsman online newspaper peddles misinformation about cat breeds

The Scotsman provide fake information on the cat breeds

I have to mention this as it is a genuine problem for animal welfare. The Scotsman online newspaper decided a while ago to publish articles about cat breeds without knowing a thing about them. And so, they make it all up to try and increase readership numbers. Cynical clickbait crap. Ironically the header to …

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