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Loving cat skewered by an arrow recovers fully and is rehomed

News media reported on July 25, 2019 a little black cat wandering around a Roanoke, Virginia, neighbourhood with an arrow…

2 weeks ago

Judge overturns 10 day jail sentence of woman who fed strays in contempt of court

Nancy Segula's 10-day jail term handed down by a magistrate for contempt of court by persisting in feeding stray cats…

3 weeks ago

Long Island nanny who stole an elderly cat may be awarded custody once veterinary records can be reviewed

The Long Island nanny who stole an elderly cat from her employer to save it from being euthanized may be…

3 weeks ago

Police officers promote the adoption of rescue cats at Humane Society of Central Texas

This is an excellent idea, which has proved successful in a previous promotional campaign in which local firefighters posed for…

4 weeks ago

Will Governor Andrew Cuomo sign the declawing Bill?

It is preoccupying my mind: whether the governor of New York state, Andrew Cuomo, will or will not sign the…

3 months ago

President Trump’s ‘beast’ tamed by Larry the Cat

Larry the Cat plonks himself under President Trump's 'the beast' and tames it! He delayed the entourage.

3 months ago

American trucker, Nick, reunited with his travelling cat companion after plea on Reddit

American trucker, Nick, lost his cat companion who travels with him but is now reunited and they have become celebrities.

3 months ago

US workplace standards agency removes feral cats from list of vermin

An agency of the US Dept. of Labor has decided to remove feral cats from its list of vermin under…

3 months ago

California man who lost his cat in massive Wisconsin car pileup will return to adopt kittens

This is about two journeys. In the first he lost his cat in a huge interstate pileup in Wisconsin. In…

4 months ago

Man buries his cat thinking he was killed in RTA

This is what I would describe as another cat burial mixup arising out of a road traffic accident in which…

4 months ago