‘Devil Cat’ found her forever home just in time for the holidays

This is the happy ending story of an unadoptable cat dubbed “Devil Cat” who found her forever home just in time for the holidays. Sky (aka Devil Cat) was considered unadoptable because she was known for attacking children on more than one occasion. She ended up at WellCats in Birmingham (UK) where sanctuary bosses …

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Thanks to a microchip a Florida cat missing since Hurricane Irma is back at home

A Florida cat who was missing for 457 days is back at home in Sarasota in time for the holidays, thanks to a microchip. Jerry the cat went missing on September 10, 2017, right after Hurricane Irma hit the Suncoast. Bonnie Eskell and Nancy Pearson searched for Jerry. They posted on social media, went …

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A plea has been sent out to find the owner of a 17-year-old black cat found in Liverpool

The Cats Protection League is searching for the owner of a 17-year-old black cat found in the Liverpool area. She has a microchip but the information was never updated by her owner. Tilley is described as a petite black cat with a shorter than average tail. She was taken in six years ago after …

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Idaho Falls passes ordinance affecting cats who aren’t vaccinated, chipped and altered

A new ordinance was passed in a unanimous vote Thursday night in Idaho Falls, Idaho that will require cat owners to license their cat if the cat isn’t vaccinated, chipped and altered. Idaho Falls Animal Control Officer Laramie Pancheri stated in an interview with East Idaho News, “(The ordinance) will give us more cats that …

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Veterinarians don’t know how 3 rescue cats survived 22 days in a van without anything to sustain them

Edmonton Humane Society

This was a well-publicised ‘accident’ which occurred at the Edmonton Humane Society in the spring. An investigation was carried out because an error by employees of the Humane Society resulted in three male cats being left in a locked van for 22 days without food or water. They all survived and have since been …

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Hemp oil: Debate over whether the oil is legal to purchase for pets in Ohio

I don’t normally do medical articles on pets because I’d hate to give someone bad advice. The topic of using hemp oil on pets is something I’m very interested in these days because it’s the last resort for one of our cats. When traditional veterinary medicine fails, a natural product may be just what …

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