Supporters of a new TNR proposed ordinance in Des Moines set to meet with City Council on Monday

TNR'ed and vaccinated feral cat gets rabies and bites person

Update December 18 The Des Moines City Council has approved a new effort to round up feral cats and then spay or neuter the animals before releasing them back into the city. The Des Moines Register reports the effort is aimed at helping manage the cat population more humanely. The new ordinance takes effect March 1. Supporters of …

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The Frozen 12: A dozen cats found abandoned in a crate in a snowy field in Virginia

According to a December 13 report by WSET13 News, a dozen cats and kittens were found in a crate in a snowy field Wednesday night in Campbell County, Virginia. Animal Control for the county received the call about an oversized wire crate filled with cats and kittens in distress who were abandoned on Red Oak …

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Sneaky cat recently made an unplanned trip from Dartmouth to Montreal when his ‘mom’ accidentally shipped him

This is the cat tale of Baloo, a sneaky tabby and white kitty who recently made an unplanned trip from Dartmouth to Montreal when his ‘mom’  accidentally shipped him toward an address in Calgary. It all started on December 7 when Jacqueline Lake packed a box on 18-inch rims for her friend’s Cadillac to …

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Florida cat reunited with owner after going on a road trip in the engine compartment

Thanks to a microchip, a Cocoa, Florida cat has been reunited with her owner after going on a nine-mile road trip in the engine compartment of a neighbors car. This cat tale begins last week when Cuddles managed to get under the hood of the neighbors’ car where she was discovered when the neighbor dropped …

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Woman living in Dartmouth Nova Scotia accidentally sends her cat in a parcel to Montréal!

Baloo back home

Jacqueline Lake lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her cat is Baloo. I think she has some sort of mail-order business because she was mailing tire rims to a customer. While she was packing up the tire rim, Baloo crept into the package without her noticing and he kept completely quiet while she sealed …

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When Winter Storm Diego hit Asheville, cat lovers built snow sculptures of their cats

When Winter Storm Diego swept through Asheville, North Carolina on Saturday, a cat group made the best of the situation by challenging their members to build snow sculptures of their cats. Asheville Cat Weirdos is a feline-centric Facebook group dedicated to all things cat. When 11 plus inches of snow fell in Asheville, cat …

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