From Gigi to Marc with love on a card

A bit of fun. I ordered a card from an online company, Dog’s Doodahs, to see how it worked and to check out the quality. The exercise was an extension of writing about personalised cat cards. The card I ordered is meant to be a thank you from Gigi based on the nice photograph that Marc took. It is a large A4 size (standard document size) and it cost about £6 all inclusive ($9.50).

Well here is a picture of the card I recently received:

Cat Greetings Card
Cat Greetings Card

I hope the words are OK. I don’t know. It is only a bit of fun so it doesn’t matter that much.

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Personalised Cat Cards

Customised cards featuring your cat
Screenshot from Photobox

Have you tried making a personalised cat card – a card featuring a photo of your cat? I think they are worth doing if you like giving cards.

It’s actually approaching that time of year! Well, not quite but I am sure some highly organised people are planning Christmas already, buying presents and deciding on who gets a card.

Personally, I don’t do cards ;). Or Christmas for that matter, but a lot of people love it. I thought I would explore the expanding business of customised cards. They can used for any occasion and your cat is an ideal subject to have on the card.

This may sound daunting and troublesome and a fiddly way of buying a card but it really isn’t.

Take for example the Dog’s Doodahs website.  You can create a personalised card by uploading your own photograph. You add you own words. Order the card before a certain time (I think it is 4 pm) and you’ll get it the next day, which is speedy. The quality is excellent too. Quality is important because the troublesome part of making your own cards is getting the quality right. Home printers just can’t do it.

I have no connection with the Dog’s Doodahs website. A friend of mine has used them and I have been pleasantly impressed. I was surprised to be honest. The price? About £4 all inclusive. That may seem expensive to some and I can understand that. However a well constructed personalised card can be more than a card. It can also be a present by adding a book token or something else.

Tesco Cards are currently (13th Sept 2013) running a half price offer. The standard prices vary between under £3 to around £5 depending on the size of the card. A picture can uploaded. I have not used them so don’t know what sort of quality is produced.

I am impressed with Moonpig. They have a service for several countries including America, the UK and Australia. You can create some quite complicated cards on this site. You can upload several photographs for one card and as usual you can upload the pictures from your computer, Facebook or Flickr. This is a nice choice and it simplifies the process.

Heading the page is a screenshot from Photobox who are also offering a discount at the moment. They charge £16.48 for a pack of ten cards including postage. I think that is reasonable for a personalised card. It was very easy to create the card online.

One little tip is to edit your photos to make lighter in terms of file size. Something around 50k bytes is correct. If anyone wants to try creating a personalised cat card but does not have photo editing software, just upload the picture in a comment on this page and I’ll improve it, resize it and email it to you the same day.

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Direct a Spectacular Film Purrduction: How to Make Your Pet a Holiday Card Star

When you sit in the theater wide-eyed and mesmerized by the latest Scorcese or Spielberg production, do you ever stop and think about all the work that went into putting it all together? Both Mr. S’s had crews of talented individuals to take care of each and every detail, starting with developing the idea to wrapping up production.

Well you too can direct a perfect production even though you have only one talented person in your crew — yourself. You already have the star: LeMieux, your cat. Yes, your cat will really star this year, but you’re going to have to step into five behind-the-scenes roles.

Tortured Cat

Photo by Flickr user AZAdam

Casting Director

Casting directors pick the right person for each role. Ellen Lewis, Mr. Scorcese’s go-to casting director summed it up perfectly in a New York Times interview “We want nothing more than for an actor to walk in and do a great job.” You already have the right person — or pet in this case. What you want is the right role.

What kind of personality does your kitty have? Is she a born role player, willing to put up with yuletide props, or will she bat them down, or even worse, shred them? Is she the high-fashion model type, willing to get all dolled up, or at least let you crown her with a Santa Hat or festive ribbon for sixty seconds?

If you find yourself answering no, no and no, it’s probably best that you catch her in a candid moment. The beauty of digital cameras is that they’re always ready to catch her at her most adorable.

Lighting Director

The very best lighting director? Mother Nature. The very worst? Your camera’s flash. Use a flash and you’re practically guaranteeing that you’ll come up with those yellow-green glaring eyes. Scary eyes are great for Halloween, but we’re talking Christmas.

If your cat is the outdoor type, the sunlight is easy. If she’s the pampered indoor type, catch her in a sunlit room. Hopefully you can sneak in a few props — a wrapped gift or an ornament or two.

Supporting Cast

Maybe you’d like to appear in a cameo shot this year. No one around to take a shot.? No problem. Hold the camera above your head, make sure your faces are filling the frame and shoot. Don’t hold the camera too far away. There’s nothing worse than those long arm shots. Try a few solo practice shoots so you get the knack. After all, they’ll be sorted out later.

The Cutting Room

What did we ever do without digital cameras? Download your photos to your computer. Review them all. And now for the hardest part of producing custom Christmas cards — pick the best one. Use whatever editing tools your computer offers for adjusting color and exposure. Crop if necessary.

The Set Designer

This is the easiest part. Send it off to a stationer that specializes in custom Christmas cards. Many, like, offer a captivating choice of templates to surround your star with the Christmas spirit.

That’s it. Call it a wrap! Grab the kitty treats. Time for the wrap party.

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Free Father’s Day Pet Cards Featuring Furby

Furby Card

Furby Card

I've got the Free Father's Day Pet cards online. My chip with all the pictures of Furby mysteriously got lost and I think he made it disappear. So I didn't use but one of his newest photos. I have a lot of other cats I've loved over the years. I already had them saved to the computer. Furby was on the external hard drive that hasn't turned back up yet. He's sneaky enough to have done it.

I even have some dog cards. Also a goat. And chickens.

Here's the links. I post to both sites to get more exposure. What can I say. I love to show all of my previous angels off. The chihuahua belongs to my neighbor and the huskey is my dog Cody. All of the cats except the white ones belonged to me at one time or another. Several are the ferals I fed.

Free Father's Day Cards

Father's Day Pet Cards

If you have a man in your life whose "child" is a cat or dog, I have cards to send him too. Feel free to pass the links to the cards to your friends. They're free. Just click on the card you want and then right click and save it. I have "2010" discreetly place on each card. My mother got me into that habit. To always put the year so dad will know what year he received the card.

I have to do something to pass the time or I'd go nuts. I think Furby is glad I'm done because he slept in my lap all afternoon yesterday.

He's stayed out of trouble all week. He must be up to something because that's never happened.

I hope everyone enjoys the new cards

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