One Litter-Robot will serve four cats. Good for indoor, multi-cat homes.

Litter-Robot image from the Litter-Robot blog

One of Jackson Galaxy’s best-known tips is to ensure that there is a least one litter box per cat in a home where there are several cats (multi-cat home). In fact, he says that in multi-cat homes there should be on litter box per cat plus one extra. This allows access to a clean …

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Corn-based cat litter can be food for pests which is a downside

Corn based cat litter pellets

There must be some upsides in buying corn-based cat litter but I’m focusing on the downsides here. The major downsides emanate from the obvious fact that corn is a food. Not only food for people but pests including worms. A contributor to this website said that she received a voucher for corn-based litter and …

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What is the best location for a cat litter tray?

Cat and their cat litter tray

The first point to address is that the litter tray should be positioned to suit your cat and not the cat’s caregiver! This means that it might be better in the living room where you won’t want it but your cat might like it there. Anyway, if you live in a small apartment, it …

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Tip: would you like to eat by your toilet? Neither does your cat.

Would you like to eat by your toilet?

This is a basic tip from the great man himself: Dr Bruce Fogle. What makes it impactful is that he says that ‘this is a common problem that I see.’ Which is why I am addressing it again. All the cat’s needs are neatly in one place which suits the owner but not their …

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5 tips in choosing a litter tray/box and the substrate that goes in it

Stainless steel litter tray

Here are five quick tips about cat litter trays and cat litter material. I won’t dwell on this subject too long. These are just my ideas. Each cat owner has their own. Litter box material Normally people buy litter trays and boxes made out of plastic. That’s perfectly normal and virtually all litter trays …

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Best self-cleaning cat litter trays (infographic)

Sel-cleaning cat litter tray

First up: I am not getting commission on these recommendations :). I am just doing this to try and help. The infographic is based on Amazon sales. It is a good guide provided one treats reviews with a little caution. There are an extraordinary number of self-cleaning cat and dog litter boxes from different …

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Cat litter substrate compared (infographic)

Cat digging around in cat litter

‘Substrate’ refers to the litter material e.g. clay or wood. Each type has its pluses and minuses. Personally, when my cat was using a litter tray, I used wood substrate. I found it good at odour suppression and it is relatively good for the environment. But, of course, I leave it to each cat owner to make their own decision. There is a greater emphasis nowadays compared to say 20 years ago to protect the environment so that aspect of the comparison is of greater importance. If the expense is not a major issue perhaps the deciding factor would be environmental impact. Read about Tidy Cats Lightweight Cat Litter – dusty.

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