Ed Sheeran should build a very large cat enclosure on his sprawling estate

Ed Sheeran should have a large cat enclosure

Ed Sheeran’s sprawling property empire in Framlingham lends itself perfectly to a large cat enclosure using ProtectaPet. I’d strongly recommend this because of these reasons: He loves cats and had three, He now has two cats because Graham, a rescue tabby who he loved dearly, was recently killed on the road and, He has …

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Abyssinian cat stolen after catio ordered to be removed

Claire Patel, 38, lives in Holloway, North London, UK. She is the caretaker of two cats one of whom is an Abyssinian and the other is a Burmese of equal beauty. Their names are Xander and Copperpot respectively. She appears to live in an town house (terraced or ‘row house’). She built a catio …

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DIY cat enclosure under construction Islamabad, Pakistan!

Good day Michael. Here is the video of LAILA’s cage. The work is still in progress. I am making the cage with the art of DANMARK handicraft style, which is making the furniture in parts instead of in single pieces. The cage will surely go up to 8 feet high, with every necessity which …

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