Company incorrectly packages tick treatment for dogs as a cat flea treatment

In the UK don’t use Armitage Pet Care Flea and Tick Drops. It could kill your cat. Bio-Tech Solutions have admitted that they have packaged ‘flea drops’ (presumed to be a flea spot treatment) incorrectly. In place of the cat flea treatment they have packaged a tick treatment for dogs which contains a well …

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Beware: Trifexis can harm dogs. Products for cats contain the same insecticides

There are clear indications, through the first hand experiences of dog caretakers/guardians, that the heartworm treatment for dogs, Trifexis, is dangerous and possibly lethal. Here is one extremely pointed and poignant comment: “I gave Trifexis, I lost my dog.” OR “I am sick that I was unknowingly poisoning my baby girl, sick that this …

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Dangerous and Deadly Flea Products In Memory of Tiny Timmy


This is a very hard story to write because Tiny Timmy touched so many lives in so many ways. To condense his life into a few paragraphs doesn’t seem a fitting tribute, because he is deserving of so much more. Timmy saved many cats in his lifetime through consumer education, although the normal life …

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Alternatives to chemical pesticides to help control fleas and ticks

By Sandy In 2012 the EPA notified manufacturers to make labeling changes to spot on flea and tick products, yet 3 years later….. We see that in spite of a disturbing rise in adverse reactions to these products, most manufacturers have yet to implement any changes to labeling. The EPA’s recommendations request the labeling to …

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Be safe, use veterinary products only

Don't Buy Cheap Cat Flea Treatments

The title to this post does not always apply! In my opinion, you have to exercise a bit of caution and common sense when assuming that veterinary products are safe and the best because vets are in business and that means they have associations with other businesses to sell their products which in turn …

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Advantage Cat Flea Treatment better than Frontline?

There are signs from comments in forums on the internet and on this website that Advantage flea treatment is better than Frontline (topical spot treatments).  There is a page on the Mumsnet website (a large website) which supports the thought that where Frontline fails Advantage works. Vets and researchers are inclined to respond to …

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How To Keep Cat Fleas Away

Making the home a place that is hostile to the cat flea, eggs, larvae, and pupae is how you keep cat fleas away once you have got rid of them. The ideal combination is a Sphynx cat (hairless) and a home without carpet and soft furnishings other than those covered in leather. Instead, a …

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