Cat bored with flapping fish toy because she can’t kill it

From @cat_manchester: โ€œSummer is over ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‚โ€ #catsofinstagram— Cats of Instagram (@catsofinstagram) October 17, 2020 There has been a lot…

2 weeks ago

Yikes! Look what my cat did to my iPad!

The photograph comes from China. The cat who likes to play with this iPad is nicknamed Er Niu (she has…

1 month ago

Picture of grandma repairing cat’s favourite toy

This is a different sort of cat picture. One made for the modern age. An age when the throwaway culture…

6 months ago

Samsung television packaging makes cat house

Television cardboard packaging can be turned into a cat house with ease.

7 months ago

Toys for kids, cats and dogs should be regulated in the same way

Not only are toys for cats and dogs in the UK and the USA largely unregulated by government, it is…

8 months ago

You’ll never buy a commercial cat toy after you see this video

Don't waste your money on commercially manufactured cat toys even if they make nice looking Christmas presents. Take something like…

9 months ago

Video of cat chasing laser pointer light is great but it shows us its limitations

This is a nice little video of a domestic cat chasing a laser pointer light on a white wall. Laser…

2 years ago

The reason why domestic cats stop playing with toys quickly

I feel that commercially manufactured cat toys tend to prove to be a failure too often. Cats are just not…

2 years ago

Kitten tries to scoop up digital fish

If there were any doubts about the effectiveness of an iPad as a means to entertain some cats, this video…

3 years ago

Cat food puzzles. Allowing an indoor cat to hunt.

'Cat food puzzle' is a new, trending, sound bite in the indoor cat world. Keeping a cat indoors has many…

4 years ago