What can CBD oil do for my cat?

I’m going to primarily rely a woman in America, Kat (a convenient and appropriate name in the context of this article!), who has gained personal experience of using CBD oil to treat dogs. I feel that her advice can be trusted because of her extensive personal experience. She started a business that I am …

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Low Level Laser Therapy For Cats

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for cats is an alternative medicine. Some veterinarians claim wondrous things from this treatment. The truth is that there is little evidence supporting the effectiveness of this treatment. It reminds me a bit of the cure-all elixir sold in the days of the wild west. In the photograph on this …

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Green tea for cats?

Green tea calms cats. Anxiety in cats is fairly common under a wide range of circumstances and a cat may be timid and therefore anxious quite a lot of the time at home even though the environment is okay. The active ingredient in green tea is L-theanine. The pharmaceutical companies manufacturing pet drugs and …

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