10 reasons why cat declawing is wrong, unethical and immoral

Picture and words which explain why toes are so important to domestic cats and why they should not be mutilated by veterinarians under the banner 'declawing'.

1. Grooming It is rarely if ever mentioned but a domestic cat uses their claws as part of their grooming routine. Every cat needs and desires to be well groomed. A coat in good condition is vital for their well-being. For temperature control, cleanliness, waterproofing and for controlling scent-signalling. As a consequence, cats are …

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ASPCA are wrong about cat declawing

ASPCA condones this - declawing

Here is the reason why ASPCA are wrong about declawing cats. Today, there is a tweet from City the Kitty which states that “ASPCA ultimately condones declawing and is helping declawing vets make money from this cruelty”. They want people to ask Subaru to stop donating millions to ASPCA. Subaru is the biggest contributor …

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