Impact of size, head shape and sex of purebred dogs on lifespan

Pekingese dog walking

Conclusion: regular-headed, female, small dog breeds live the longest! 🐶🐕‍🦺. The study cited below tells us that for purebred dogs the average lifespan depends on the shape of the head and its size. Gender also has an impact. Head shaped is defined below: Comment: regular-headed dogs live the longest. Long-faced dogs live longer than …

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Feeding raw meat to dogs may expose owners to the risk of superbugs

Dog eating raw meat diet

The topic of feeding raw meat to pets, particularly dogs, has been previously debated. A recent trend involves feeding dogs raw meat, which may increase the risk of owners being exposed to antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as indicated by a study. Researchers discovered E. coli in 13 out of 15 raw meat samples, with a high …

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UK dog MRI scan £3500. Private human MRI scan £350. Reason?

Dog having an MRI scan!

The BBC website features an article on the excessive veterinary fees being charged to pet owners in the UK, which is causing considerable public outcry. According to the BBC, Steve Moylan was charged £3,500 for a single-area contrast MRI scan for his dog at a veterinary clinic. In contrast, he paid only £350 for …

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Sugar Land Animal Services refused to accept a stray dog a woman found. Told her to leave the dog where she found it.

Sugar Land Animal Services tell a woman who rescued a dog to return it to where she found it

A young woman reports that staff at Sugar Land [TX] Animal Services refused to accept a stray dog she found, instructing her to leave the dog where she found it. When she requested the supervisor’s name to file a complaint, she was asked to depart and was threatened with arrest for trespassing. The following …

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Create a pet-friendly workplace to help get Millennials and Gen Zs back to work

Employee enjoying the presence of his dog at work at his employer's workplace

In the UK, there’s a long-running story about Gen Zs, Millenials (and others) being unable to work (the sick note culture – see below). Overall, 4.2 million working-age adults (10.2%) in the UK now get health related benefits, up from 3.2 million (7.9%) in 2019. The number of people on disability benefit has increased dramatically …

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