A winter warming shelter/den for feral and community cats

It’s that time of year when big-hearted volunteers like to make little dens for feral cats to keep warm. Some parts of America are incredibly cold in the winter. The organisation Watching over Whiskers (WOW) has an ongoing programme of making cat shelters for their community cats. It seems that a lot of charities …

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Australian Capital Territory (ACT) acts humanely towards feral cats while the other jurisdictions do not

ACT Government logo

As an introduction I would like to say this: the volunteers who manage feral cat colonies under TNR programs are very decent, kind people. They do their work without charge, freely and with a love of the cats. One TNR volunteers sums it up, “The amount of suffering is the reason that we do …

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Do cats shiver when they are cold?

Stray ginger tabby survives Quebec winter and comes in from the cold

The question seems simplistic and the answer obvious but I have never seen my cat shiver even when outside in very cold temperatures. Perhaps the fact that the domestic cat is well protected against the cold with their fur coat is a reason why they shiver infrequently. For the true feral cat matters will …

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Persistent and brave volunteer traps a true feral cat with mouth and upper respiratory disease

True feral cat is finally trapped, treated and is being rehabilitated. Great to see.

I think that it is worth reminding ourselves how wild feral cats can be. This video does that. It also tells us how their health can be so terribly affected when they have to survive on their own without any medical treatment whatsoever throughout their lives. Invariably many end up with upper respiratory infections. …

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Kindle of stray kittens starting their life in the most vulnerable way

Kittens starting their lives in the most vulnerable way

This is a difficult photograph to look at for animal advocates because what we see is a large group of cute, stray kittens huddled together. They are all very young and innocent. They are outside and their futures are uncertain. Their existence is the product of human carelessness in some shape or form. We …

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Beverly Hills regulations regarding the feeding and care of feral cats (TNR)

Beverly Hills

This page has been updated at December 26, 2021. It was first written in 2009. The first part of the page deals with the Beverly Hills regulations regarding the feeding and care of feral cats (TNR) as at 2009. The second part deals with the same regulations as at 2021. They may interest people …

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What should you do if you have feral cats at the bottom of your garden?

Feral cat who has been part socialised

I think the first thing that you should do is to make sure that they are feral cats. They might not be. You can normally tell by their behaviour (or ear tipping – see below). True feral cats are not socialised to people. They will be frightened and possibly defensively aggressive towards strangers as …

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All businesses should take a leaf out of the Disneyland book on feral cats

Nutmeg, a favorite Disneyland cat

Disneyland’s attitude towards feral cats at their Anaheim, California theme park attraction is the gold standard for how businesses should treat feral cats. And I hope that when directors of companies are discussing those pesky feral cats which are a ‘nuisance’ on their properties, that they turn their minds to Disneyland and study what …

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