Street artist paints illusion of Sphynx cat on old gas tank

Street artist paints mind-bending illusion of Sphynx cat on old gas tank

A very impressive work of art. For me there are two things that make it work so well. Firstly the artist, Tom Bragado Blanco from Marseille, France, paints the landscape behind the gas tank onto the gas tank as well as the Sphynx cat. This makes the gas tank disappear and it looks like …

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Brooklyn photographer is happy to debunk the way people perceive cat ladies

Woman and their cats

Brooklyn, New York: Brianne Wills has found unexpected success in photographing attractive women with their attractive cat companions in their attractive homes. They certainly present to the world what a lot people would see as atypical cat ladies. But that is because, as Brianne says, a lot of people do have misconceptions about woman …

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It is wrong to reject black cats up for adoption because they are hard to photograph

Black cat - great shapes

I have discovered that one reason why black cats are less likely to be adopted at rescue shelters is because adopters think that they are harder to photograph. In the modern world where it seems that everyone has a smartphone incorporating a great camera, taking photographs has become an integral activity to the average …

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Image conscious modern society makes photos of cats for adoption important

Huawei smartphone used to photograph RSPCA rescue dog

The modern imagine obsessed society driven by social media platforms such as Instagram (owned by Facebook) has had a negative impact on the adoption of companion animals, in one way. It is worth adding, however, that there are positive aspects to social media in the area of companion animal adoption so it is not …

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Cat art light projections of Rome delight the children

Cat art light projections in Rome delight the children and visitors.

Uhmmm…this is beautiful. The music combined with the projections of cats onto walls and other constructions in Rome are delighting the children and the adults. I’d just soak it up and enjoy. The video has a delightful, joyous quality because these illuminations are of domestic cats. The cat always delights and entrances; especially the …

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Let’s have some fun: Post your cats (and dogs) posing for holiday photos

For most of us who have pets, we like to show them off during the holiday season more than other times of the year. With photos of pets posing for everything from family photos for the yearly holidays to dressing us the pet, we love to share with our friends on social media. So …

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