Canine Distemper Can Kill Tigers

Canine distemper is a well known dog virus. It is very contagious and deadly. However, it can be prevented through vaccination. It not only makes dogs very ill; it can also affect wild animals such as ferrets, raccoons, skunks, wolves and foxes. It can also infect “some felidae“. Felidae is the scientific name for …

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Italy: Where fox hunters shot a domestic cat in a village garden

On June 16th 2013, there are eye witnesses to the fact that fox hunters in the Italian Province of Rimini, while hunting for a fox at night within the boundaries of the village of Gemmano, shot a domestic cat (Sandy) with a dum dum bullet from an automatic carbine, while the cat was in …

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Please Leave Foxes Alone

Sorry…no cats at the moment. There are several cat articles coming up. People in England still harass and hunt foxes one way or another. I say to the people who hunt foxes: look at this video and reevaluate what you do. It is common sense that what you do is cruel, self-indulgent and nasty …

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